søndag, november 26, 2006

Postcard from Emmy

Look what I got in my post box yesterday :-)
Its a beautiful postcard from Emmy

We are participating in a postcard swap-swap. We sendt each other fabric and embellishment, and got a postcard back, made of the stuff we sendt. I realy love this card, and can't understand how the stuff I sendt could come out like this, it's so nice.
She made "bubbles" on organza, close up photo
bigger size here

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søndag, november 12, 2006

Lamp shade

Lamp shade
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In my sewing room I have an old iron bed after my grandmother, she had that bed from her childhood. And of course I have a quilt on it.........
I was going to take a rest on this bed. Looking at the ceiling and my lamp there..........with an ugly lamp shade.........wondering what I could do with that, I was looking around in my room, and on the table, there was a quilted bowl.
I got the idea to make a lamp shade in the same way....... YIPPI!!!! so fun to try out that. I forgot that rest I should take :-)
I used stabilizer and white organza as fabric. Then the shade is embellished with knitting yarn.

Bigger photo here

I'm very satisfied with it, It could not hang in my seewing room, so it ended as a new lamp shade over the kitchen table..........And I still have an ugly shade on my seewing room, haha.............. I have to make more of this :-)


lørdag, november 04, 2006

Høytidsengler, Tablerunner for Advent

Originally uploaded by Bente2005.

Today I have finished this tablerunner. I'm very found of this pattern, made by AnnAKa

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