lørdag, desember 30, 2006

Postcards made by painting on fusible web

Today I made this postcards.
Yesterday I painted on fusible web with Lumiere metalic paint, let it dry until today.

I ironed it to black fabric. Added some Angelina, nice knitting yarn, gaz and organza. On card number 1 and 2, I needlepunced the organza first, then it gets a new texture, thats realy fun!!!.
I did some freemotions, and added beads and buttons.

These cards is very fun to make, but it's not so easy to get good photos of them, because of the Angelina and Organza





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onsdag, desember 27, 2006

Small pouches for cell phones

This is a pattern from AnnAKa, her pattern are so lovely, and she always makes so nice design. I made this small pouches as Christmas gifts to my family. The one with cats on is for my daughter, she is crazy about cats
The only one who did't get any, was as ususal, me :-)
Then I had to make one for my self to, and I was lucky and got this brown, I simply love it, so much that I would like to make a lot of them........but I don't have many carbine hooks, so no my dogs leash is in big risk....... :-)


torsdag, desember 21, 2006

Merry Christmas

I will wish everybody merry Christmas, and a happy New Year

torsdag, desember 07, 2006

Little purses

I wanted to make some small handbags with the same tecnique as I made my evening bag
( melting synthetic fabric with the soldering iron)
I'm making plans for this little purses in different colors. They are very fun to make, and may be embellished in different ways.

Fabric for this one is made of flax, added some metallic paint, Angelina, organza, knitting yarn and tulle. A lot of freemotions seewing, and at last the soldering iron. It's not weather to do the melting outside, so I'm doing it under my kitchen ventilator with my gas mask on. I think it looks silly, but that doesn't matter........everything for the art, and for the fun :-)
The handbags is 6" x 6"

I made this one with the same tecnique, but the fabric is an old jeans

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