torsdag, mai 24, 2007

Bryggen in Bergen, mitt mønster

Bryggen in Bergen, originally uploaded by Bente2005.

This will be my first pattern for sale, postcard and a '' landscape-quilt'' ( size 10" x 13 1/4" ) with motive from Bryggen in Bergen. The link don't show the same houses, I have made this in the same colors as they are in real life

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tirsdag, mai 22, 2007

Table cloth

Romantisk duk, originally uploaded by Bente2005.

This romantic table cloth is made by idea and inspiration from AnnAKa.
I realy like this colors and the lace

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mandag, mai 14, 2007

The Journal page trade book :-)

The Journal page trade book :-), originally uploaded by Bente2005.

My Fabric Art Journal book is finished. This is the front
Angelina, tulle, jute and Tyvek ( painted with Lumiere metallic paint). A lot of Freemotions
You will find more photos from the book in my Flickr album ( click on the photo to get there)

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lørdag, mai 12, 2007

Front of cover for my Fabric Journal

Angelina, jute, tulle, and melted Tyvek ( painted with Lumiere metallic paint).

A lot of freemotions, sewn without foot on the Tyvek.

This will be front of the cover for my Fabric Journal. I will bind the pages from the Fabric Art Journal page trade into this book.

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lørdag, mai 05, 2007

My new summer bag

My new summer bag
Originally uploaded by Bente2005.

I love this bag, I have made four bags for my self, from the same pattern, by
it's a very thorough pattern, with a lot of pockets inside. The size is quite big enough for all my stuff that I allways have to carry with me... :-)
14" x 12 1/2"

My other bags from the same pattern:

The first one

This one I made last summer

I made this some monhts ago

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Small handbag

Small handbag
Originally uploaded by Bente2005.

"Skjold", design
Fabric, tulle and Angelina

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