fredag, september 22, 2006

Evening bag

Evening bag
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I made this evening bag a few days ago. It's made of brown cotton fabric, organza, knitting yarn, Angelina. All this is covered with black tulle. A lot of freemotions with cotton tread. Then, I used the soldering iron to melt the synthetic things......
The bag is embellished with a few beads.

I have decided to try to write english in my blog, because a lot of my contacts is english speaking........ I know tthere will be a lot of wrong words, but I hope it will be better little by little


Anonymous Anonym said...

Hej Bente!

Jag tycker att denna väska är jättefin! Det är nog bra att skriva på engelska om man vill nå fler människor, och man får finna sig i att det ibland kan "stappla" lite. Intresserade textil människor är "mjuka" o snälla!


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